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I'm a renaissance woman in some ways. Professionally I do Web content management, knowledge management and communications. I also do watercolor painting, compose and perform music, do nature photography, and am the devoted slave to two cats and a moderator of the Cats forum.

Communication is my passion

Within the past few days, two experiences have made me think about my identity, my passion, my calling. One was Friday’s Social Media Breakfast meeting about entrepreneurs. They talked about passion and hard work driving people to start businesses part … Continue reading

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Part Time Employment

It’s now been 9 months since I lost my job. I’m still doing part time employment at Best Buy Mobile, but now my weekly hours are in the 28-30 range, which is helping me to make ends meet. Sadly, my … Continue reading

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Don’t Despise the Process

I’m not by nature a real patient person. I don’t like to wait for things. When I lost my job in February I hit the ground running because I wanted the job transition process to be over as quickly as … Continue reading

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Labor Day: Letter to Employers

Today is Labor Day, which I used to think of as a long weekend for playing at the end of summer. After going through a six month job transition, Labor Day has a lot more meaning to me. I’m addressing … Continue reading

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Reinventing a Career

Since mid-July I have been working 20-25 hours per week at Best Buy Mobile. I’m actually enjoying the work more than I expected. I’m working on various marketing projects, doing project management and also writing and editing content and making … Continue reading

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A “Soft Landing” and Reflections

In the job transition groups I attend they refer to getting a job as “landing.” I’ve had a “soft landing,” kind of like when you’re flying from the US to Europe and stop in Greenland for refueling. I’m not in … Continue reading

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Benny Card and Panic Button: Promising ideas that don’t quite deliver

Not all promising ideas deliver on the promise. When my health plan started using a Benny card, allowing me to use the card to purchase items reimbursable under my flexible spending account for health care, I thought it was a … Continue reading

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Personal Branding

This isn’t the first time I’ve been laid off from a job. It happened to me twice in the late 1990s. However, this time there’s a new wrinkle – personal branding. I know all about branding, since I’ve done marketing … Continue reading

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Over 50 and unemployed: The Journey Continues

I’m still over 50 and unemployed. It’s been just over three months now. I’ve completed my outplacement services, and have now completed a second training course, a six week course on Search Engine Optimization. I’ve just started a course on … Continue reading

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Filling knowledge gaps through training

My most recent position involved Web application management and Web content management inside the firewall: intranets, an internal WordPress blog, a MediaWiki installation, and SharePoint governance and site collection management. My previous positions were Marketing Communications positions, including writing and … Continue reading

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