Father’s Day Tribute

Most people would say I am my mother’s daughter. I look a lot like her, I have her strength and determination, and I’ve inherited her musical and artistic ability. However, some of the things I value the most came from my father, who died almost 10 years ago. I was thinking about this as Father’s Day approached.

My dad wasn’t perfect by any means, but he always had a twinkle in his eye and a great sense of humor. I know that my own sense of humor has gotten me through a lot of things in life that were hard, and it’s one of the things from my dad that I value the most.

Dad wasn’t a musician at all, but he loved music. He would sing silly songs to us, and he was always watching Lawrence Welk, Mitch Miller, Ed Sullivan, etc. My musical ability may have come from my mom, but my love of music came from my dad.

My love of animals and nature also came from my dad. I wish he would have lived to see my wildlife photography. I think it would have given him joy. I have pictures of him with cats from when he was a boy, and he was the one our dog Pepper loved the most when I was growing up. After he retired he got a job at a local cemetary, where he could be outside all day mowing the lawn or tending the graves. He enjoyed that.

He was a simple man, who took pleasure in simple things. My mom sometimes wished he was more ambitious and more of an authority figure, but that wasn’t who he was. He was a man of peace and rarely lost his temper. When he did we took notice – “Whoa, dad’s mad! We must have done something really bad!” He hated confrontation. Much of the love I felt as a child came from him. I miss him, and hope they have a great celebration for all the dads in heaven.

For all of you whose dad’s are living, tell them you love and appreciate them on this day dedicated to dads.

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I'm a renaissance woman in some ways. Professionally I do Web content management, knowledge management and communications. I also do watercolor painting, compose and perform music, do nature photography, and am the devoted slave to two cats and a moderator of the About.com Cats forum.
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