Benny Card and Panic Button: Promising ideas that don’t quite deliver

Not all promising ideas deliver on the promise.

When my health plan started using a Benny card, allowing me to use the card to purchase items reimbursable under my flexible spending account for health care, I thought it was a great idea that would eliminate a lot of annoying paperwork. However, I soon started getting letter after letter after letter asking for more documentation of items charged on the Benny card, sometimes many months after the charge was incurred, and it turned out to be more work dealing with it later than it would have been just submitting items for reimbursement the old fashioned way.

I was also excited when I bought my Toyota Matrix in 2004 and it had a key fob with a panic button. This seemed like a great idea if I was out at night and some creep was stalking me. However, the position of the panic button ensures that it will go off accidentally many, many times. I have never used it for personal safety, it is just an annoyance to me and to anyone else who has to hear people’s horns blasting because the owner inadvertently set off the panic alarm. I will NEVER have another one!

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