Since I last wrote I’ve been on a journey of exploration. I started my outplacement service, and the first step is completing a number of inventories of skills, interests and values, with particular emphasis on the Birkman Method. I had a session with an outplacement coach this week to go through how to incorporate those characteristics into a resume, a career objective, networking, etc.

Through one of the job search groups I go to I’ve taken two other assessments, the Strengthsfinder (if you buy the book, Strengthsfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath, you can take the test for free using a code provided with the book) and another inventory based on DiSC profile used by many businesses. The version we took is called PersonalityStyle.com.

The results are actually pretty consistent between the three tests, so now I’m really pondering what that means in terms of job satisfaction and how I present my skills and experience on my resume and in interviews. The resume revamp is my next step.

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